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Recent News:

Vitamin D Foundation Supports Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation

The Vitamin D Foundation is proud to announce our pledge of support for the Breast Cancer National Prevention Foundation. The BCNPF is an action organization dedicated to saving lives today by promoting natural lifestyle choices proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer, most notably by correcting epidemic vitamin D deficiency.

Research has established that maintaining natural vitamin D blood levels cuts breast cancer risk in half. Because vitamin D is made naturally and abundantly when skin is exposed to sunlight – and because humans today spend more time indoors and less time in the sun than at any point in history – vitamin D levels are declining and more than two out of three North American women are vitamin D deficient, unnecessarily putting millions of women at an elevated risk for breast cancer.

In past years, the Vitamin D Foundation has headed up the D-Feat Breast Cancer initiative in an effort to spread awareness and raise support for research on the connection between vitamin D deficiency and the occurrence of breast cancer. The BCNPF shares that same goal.

We want to help the BCNPF promote awareness of the powerful health benefits of vitamin D and save thousands of lives by doing so. To make it happen, we need you to join us in this effort. There are several ways that you can make a positive impact. From this site, you can purchase a fundraising kit to help you raise money through your business.  Each kit includes fundraising materials as well as education materials. The money raised from these kits will support the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation.

We also need your assistance with spreading the BCNPF message. We hope that you will get creative and include your fellow community members and business owners in efforts to raise funds and spread awareness. Get out and educate your friends; encourage business owners to hold special promotions; host a community event focused on natural breast cancer prevention awareness; whatever it takes to let people know that sunlight prevents breast cancer!

Visit the BCNPF website at for more information about its valuable mission.

Thank you for your support!